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A friend of mine and I were discussing the proper usage of "y'all".  (She's European and I'm from New Jersey.)    We know that "y'all" is the Southern version of the second person plural.  Can it be used when addressing only two people?  Or do you need more than two?

Just wondering...

ETA:  Thank y'all!  <g>

Soda - Pop

Where you're from when you refer to a soft drink, do you call it "soda" or "pop"? Please include your location with your response.

I live in Ohio and everyone I know calls it "pop". But an ex of mine who was from texas said they call it "soda" there and laughed when he used the term "pop". From what I've been told it's supposedly a Great Lakes regional thing... I was just wondering how true that actually is.
So, a couple of random questions for y'all:

1) What do YOU call a water fountain? 
2) What do YOU call your grandparents?
3) Is dude now a national term, or is it still sort of a regional thing?
4) So, yesterday was 4/20. Is this actually celebrated anywhere?

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Hi, i hope that this is an ok question to ask here, but it's something that's been confusing the heck out of me.

OK, in the Beyonce/Lady GaGa video, the guy in the diner pours what looks to be syrup over his eggs and bacon.

What is he pouring and Is this a common thing to do?

Thanks for any info guys :-D

American English, a tonal language?

This video, by Glossika (Mike Campbell) of youtube fame, pretty much blew my mind. What do you guys think?

Mini-intro post!

Hola, y'all!

So this is just the introductory post to encourage activity and whatnot. Individual members are not required to post "intro" posts - you'll learn enough about each other as you answers questions :] - but I thought I might link a video that might amuse you guys. Remember, fellow Americans can ask each other, and we're open to cultural explanations too (seriously, sometimes songs just don't make sense).



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