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Welcome to the U.S. of Eh

North American English dialects

U.S. of Eh - North American English Inquiries
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Hello! Hey there! Howdy y'all! Sup?

Welcome to the U.S. of Eh - a LJ community made for anyone and everyone interested in North American English and culture, be you interested in the yanks or in the Canadians.

Inspired by all of those marvelous British English communities - hp_britglish, britpickery, and dw_britglish, just to name a few - this community is here to answer any questions you might have about any of North America's various dialects and ways of life. After all, you wouldn't have someone from Atlanta drinking from a bubbler, or someone running around upstate New York saying "y'all" every other sentence.

How to Post
It's very simple. Ask your question. All we ask in return is that you specify which location you're asking about. The US and Canada are really, really big territories - Vancouver is nothing like Houston, which in turn in nothing like Springfield. If you're not sure of the exact city or town, then say the state; if you're not sure of that, estimate the geographical region.

If the question is for a fandom (Supernatural, House, Gossip Girls, Buffy, etc.) feel free to mention it. There might be something in the detail that would help people give you a more precise answer.

Everything's fair game - how to drive, how to graduate from high school, what you would call a water fountain/bubbler. Just be polite, nice, and have fun!

Note: Off-topic posts WILL be deleted.